HDHR 2019, crowd with a car in the snow


HDHR features some of the world’s best riders competing on a one-of-a-kind rail jam course designed and built by Big Bear Mountain Resort's renowned park staff. This year's judges include Joe Sexton, Dave Downing, Johnny Miller, and Oliver Dixon. Participation in the rail jam competition is by invite only.

This year’s rail jam course will have 11 jibs, with two different jib pads.

Starting at the top from rider’s right will feature a down flat down rail, a down bar with middle gap separated by a stair case, a 6’ down bar with a jam up the front, a double slide with variable length rails, and a brand new, never-been-done-before 6’ corrugated down bar that will also be separated by a stair case. The second pad will have a full plaza set up with close-in and close-outs. From right to left, the layout includes half of the El Toro stair set with a gap to down bar and a close-out down bar, in a cross fall line deck rail with another deck rail gap to down bar in the middle of the close-in, and the other half of the El Toro stair set with a gap off down bar and another close out down bar on the left side of pad.

This event has ended. Read the 2019 recap blog. Check back summer 2020 for the 17th annual Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails dates and purchasing capabilities.